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Joe Kaplow Shares ‘I Said I Was Going And I Went’. “Pristine, Clear…Beautiful.”

Rubber meets the road, they say. Well, when ‘good’ rubber meets the road, there’s always a chance. But what happens to a human being like me? A patch of pavement that wants a good rubber to meet me half way. It’s a simple request. But it’s something of a moment in time, which I want to experience.

Song of the Day!

The desert road is a lonely place. I’m at the edge of two towns, which has fewer people than animals.

I love it here, in general. But it sure does get lonely, from time to time. Yes, I have great friends (Mr. Tree, Miss Boulder, Jack The Mountain, etc.) but it’s been dawning on me a lot these days.

The simple touch of a soft tire from a car. A simple mechanical road machine that can, with its engine noise, cut the silent air of the wild west, to give it some color again.

I heard from a deer that, that kind of sounds made a whole new Universe of thoughts burst out of the heart. “Really, Mr. Deer? It did?”

He told me ‘Yes’. I believed him.

But it’s been a few months since that conversation. No such luck for me, the lonely patch of road pavement, yet.

“Wonder how long I need to wait?”

The night air was pristine, clear, and all of the stars that night was visible as crystal. Mr. Pavement soon was lost in the majesty of the night.

“Oh well, at least I have this beautiful view, every night”

JOE KAPLOW’s single ‘I Said I Was Going And I Went’ is an emotive movement to the ‘ordinary’, the ‘banal’, the ‘medium’. We forget what what excitement of ‘normal’ and ‘routine’ can be. But there’s only one way to feel that…and that is to not have that access at all, for a while.

Joe didn’t forget, though.

This single is a beautiful rendition and amenity to what Joe feels about the life he fills.

He’s aware of his short-comings and take inventory as he rides this sometimes ‘awkward’ ride of LIFE.

And through his songs, we get to ride it, shotgun, for a time or two. And that’s a good thing.

The Santa Cruz (California) based artist is joined by bandmates: Elliott Kay, Mikey Whalen, and Rob Armenti.

Kudos, Joe. Kudos.



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