Joe Oliver ‘Thousand Tiny Knives’ : A silent torment, turned into that which can help and heal.

Joe Oliver

There’s something about Joe Oliver. A suspended animation, of feelings and vibes, bubble just beneath the talented songwriter. In ‘Thousand Tiny Knives’ Joe successfully directs his angst into a boppy trend of strums and vision.

And that’s how he wants it. That’s how he felt writing the single. That’s how the universe felt, to his rhythms and urgencies.

We’re all polite and diplomatic when consulting with other human beings. And in Joe’s case via ‘Thousand Tiny Knives’, his diplomatic arsenal was to redirecting his deep and arduous feelings, into a more consumable and absorbable layer of words and emotions.

A charming tactic, that is so soothing and amiable, indeed.

‘Thousand Tiny Knives’ is a silent torment, turned into that which can help and heal.

Bravo, Joe. Bravo.


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