Joe Parsons ‘Pilot’ : First single taken from the album and is the beginning of Joe’s story. Fabulous, indeed.

Joe Parsons

Musician and professional comedian, Joe Parsons releases his “coming out track”, ‘Pilot’ on July 31st, 2020, taken from his upcoming debut self-titled album (October 13th).

“This song recounts the moment I first told someone that I was gay. They were really intuitive and knew I wasn’t being myself. That began the process of me coming out to friends and family,” said Joe. “But even when coming out, you still dilute how difficult it was to protect yourself and others. It takes years to really understand that damage. It felt like this was the perfect debut single to introduce myself and what the album is about.”

It’s a landscape of sprawling dream-like synths, disjointed drums and blunt lyricism, presented with delicate harmonies, taking inspiration from dream pop, shoegaze, trip-hop and jazz genres. Think Sufjan Stevens meets Sigur Ros.

This album looks at the last decade visiting key moments of his life since coming out. It gives honest account of alienation through homosexuality, unrealistic expectation of success, the breakdown of relationships, repression of masculinity, self-doubt, and anxieties around body image. It’s an ode to what it was to be a gay man growing up in the 90s and early 00’s.

‘Pilot’ is the first single taken from the album and is the beginning of Joe’s story.


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