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Joe Robinson Shares Sublime ‘(Do You Want It) To Be Me’. “Let it all melt away.”

Joe Robinson’s single ‘(Do You Want It) To Be Me’ is sublime. As Joe’s fingers dance on his guitar, all of the stresses melt and fade away. From the lovely lyrical simplicity, his decadent vocal styling, and to the overall soundscape honesty, the single imbues what classic song writing, had and could be.

The 27 year old Australian musician, based in Nashville, is the embodiment of stars from multiple genres, including Tommy Emmanuel, Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris, Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, and Babyface.

The prolific artist who has been touring and playing concerts all around the world, brings his solo ambitions to the fore, once again. The former Australia’s Got Talent season 2 winner at 16, the feelings flow manically but emphatically from the soft touches of his string magic.

Just listen.

And you’ll see (and feel).

His self produced new album ‘Undertones’ drops March 15th.

Joe’s a gem.



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