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Joe Thompson // Micah Woods // Stacey Kaniuk // Payson Lewis // SUMif

Joe Thompson – Boys Don’t Talk

JOE THOMPSON deep dives into the dark and weighty subject with furtive attention to seriousness. Making it uplifting and joyous at the same time, it’s the daily struggle, that is defeated everyday – and often. “This song is my absolute baby,” explains Joe. “As someone who’s been through the NHS Mental Health services for years as well as having two male friends who unfortunately committed suicide whilst growing up in my high school, I feel incredibly strongly about mental health – and men’s mental health in particular.” Let’s go forth.

Micah Woods – Chasing Boys

In that one inflection in the chorus, you can’t but fall in love with this single. Reminiscent of all the fabulousness of bands like Air Supply (who knew a thing or two about hooks), MICAH WOODS successfully mixes pop and country to the big collage of sound that he develops. It’s just a dripping, sweet, butt-kicking production success. It’s song craft that is immaculate in its philosophy and ultimate outcome. “While swearing off boys may not have lasted long, the song rings true for me and is my version of a queer, pop-country anthem that I hope every millennial boy and girl can relate to.” The Brooklyn based artist is one to watch, if you have a pulse.

Stacey Kaniuk – Baby Wants To Dance

Hypnotic? Yes. That’s the word in describing STACEY KANIUK. A rockin’ gal, singer, songwriter, putting it all together in this ‘sleeper’ pop single that makes you get goosebumps in the chorus. Whew! What a ride. Going to the club? Is it Friday night? Long weekend? Stacey’s got you covered in the disco fabulousness, and her infectious effervescence. This single is off her new upcoming EP ‘Heartbeat’, which drops early 2019. Happiness? Yes.

Payson Lewis – Better Run

Combining indie-rock with pop inducing framing in his single ‘Better Run’ is that kind of song that makes you want to just ‘run’ somewhere. It’s that energy that makes it so fun. To expand, it’s that energy that makes you want to skip and hop like in an 80’s teen coming-of-age movie, with the pins on your leather clad lapel. It’s no coincidence the single is named ‘Better Run’. Is it wrong that we just want to be that active? We don’t think so. Our bodies will thank us soon or later. Get into PAYSON LEWIS, his newest EP ‘Take Me Apart’ available now, and his fab Philadelphia pop-‘tude.

SUMif – Undone

We’d been high on SUMif (Steph Wells) ever since our first exposure to her subtle elegance in her musical offerings. She explores knowledge about ‘gender and sexual fluidity’ in her songs. The San Francisco based artist takes her musical journeys and brings it to our attention with the ravishing shimmer that we listeners deserve and need. It’s her contrast between uplifting and heavy, that puts her singles in a good place. Her latest EP ‘Pretty Cage’ is available now.


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