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Joel Ansett // Marshall // Cimo Frankel // The Motion Epic // Soul Glitch

Joel Ansett – Slow Down

JOEL ANSETT is a fab artist. But as a person, we think, he’s even better. From arm’s length away, we can surmise such prediction, because of the cross premise of his work and of his own statements. His single ‘Slow Down’ is the first single from his sophomore album. “The idea for this song really started a few years ago with a Dallas Willard quote that punched me in the gut,” Joel staed. “Willard said ‘you must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.’ When I read that I stepped back and thought about how little margin I had in my life for resting and unhurried time. My days and weeks move so quickly from thing to thing and that quote made me realize the toll it was taking.” Realizing that his then, current way of living wasn’t quite doing him any favors, he looked deep into his soul and looked. Joel continued: “That lifestyle was pushing a subtle but steady message that my value is exclusively in what I am able to produce or create, and that mindset had started to poison my art. I had started writing to prove my worth in some ways and creating for people’s approval. So, he wrote ‘Slow Down’. A defense against going down the wrong path, he said: “I wrote this song about that internal struggle and about the voices in my life who counter that message with a message that my worth is very simply in who I am. And writing songs FROM a place of approval feels much better than writing songs FOR approval.” That last affirmation and sentence is where knowledge of oneself becomes powerful. We all should dig deep as well.

Marshall – Mr Parachute feat. Jocelyn Alice

Cinematic and gloriously simple music video from MARSHALL for ‘Mr Parachute’ takes us on a trip of commonality, in an extraordinarily exclusive journey. His solo debut album ‘Layers’ will drop June 21st and from it we’re expecting fire works as the production is top drawer with unrelenting beauty and subtle glamor. Jocelyn Alice’s vocals pierce through the noise and her decadent colors vibe with every syllable and expression in this single. Directed by Chris Stacey, features Jocelyn Alice, actress Lauren Sweetser (True Detective) and World of Dance breakout star and finalist Briar Nolet. Out of place, but always integral to that time and space, MARSHALL’s r&b/pop offerings glance over your hearts desires and manifest like the sun’s rays. Golden, warming, beautiful to our senses.

Cimo Frankel – Where You Are

Cimo Fränkel is a gorgeous trip back to a different time. A time of beautiful vocals, beautiful instrumentals, jazzy guitar inlets, and lyrics of pop affection that drizzles in mahogany like quiver. In 2016, Cimo’s new home of Los Angele, was the scene for collaborations and productive song writing. Total of an estimated 650 million streams could be attributed to his collaborations. Cimo’s sound in ‘Where You Are’ articulates clearly of times that have gone by, which we all want back. Wanting and beckoning to make this current life, better and more tolerable. We sometimes need that kind of support, don’t we? The globetrotter makes his home where ever he lies, and from each and every experience the results are of pop sensations that just makes sense. Our hearts bleed with nostalgia when Cimo turns on his music.

The Motion Epic – Strange Love

Pat DiMeo is THE MOTION EPIC. And as we’d noted for his other singles, he just knows how to do it right with his songs. ‘Strange Love’ is that seemingly quirky pop tune that turns into this synth driven 80’s vibe goodness that just shakes and rolls your senses. Listen to the chorus and you know what we’re talking about. It makes you shiver with the memories that you’d never thought possible. From heartaches, hardships, all melt into one, as things just become sensible when she comes into view. The lover of your dreams makes the hardest of days feel better, once more. ‘Strange Love’, at least to us, is that dichotomy. The personal human fever for the other, not initially knowing where the relationship can take you. But you commit to the ride, and for the ride of your life.

Soul Glitch – Tribe of Gods

Nicholas Jarrell Hasty is the man behind the project SOUL GLITCH. ‘Tribe Of Gods’ is that delicate touch of sunshine that you want in your day to day. Funky and groovy, with the modern pop touches that make it resound – the gifts of the mix of nu-disco anthems frame this feel-good tribute an absolute positive. Dance you fool, and you will keep this fab glance of world-music and Euro-dance sensibilities, effortlessly reach higher and higher into the cavities of our hearts. With CHICAGO like soft-rock elements, constructed to meld seamlessly with digital electronica, ‘Tribe Of Gods’ is a sorely missed piece of the musical puzzle that linger and seeps into our consciousness. The single is a friendly reminder of what music can be. SOUL GLITCH is working on his debut LP which is scheduled to drop in Autumn of 2019. His solo works and collaborations will be included in the new print.


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