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Joel Baker // Andy and the Rattlesnakes // SWYM // Jamie Yost // bbboris

Joel Baker – Rupi Kaur

Joel puts it this way: “One particularly dull day I got a drunk text and then a phone call from a girl who wanted to make sure I knew I was a dick. The song is called Rupi Kaur because the girl was the type to post Rupi quotes on Instagram. Fresh flowers from Columbia Rd. Oat Milk everything. Edgy and authentic gadgets from Urban Outfitters. Insta story after Insta story of fortune cookie, philosophy. For the record I love Rupi Kaur. In fact it was the girl’s “Rupi Kaur reading heart” that I was so enamoured by, but It didn’t work out.” Rupi Kaur is a poet, and as it happens, JOEL BAKER is a poet as well. An fascinating look into a moment in Joel’s life. In song. Get to know Joel more through his latest EP ‘Winter Dreams’.

Andy and the Rattlesnakes – Last Summer to Dance

The band returns after 35 years. And to us at CHF, that’s something to celebrate – as fans of music, as listeners, as cheerleaders to great stories. ANDY AND THE RATTLESNAKES had launched their first single in March of 1980 – a cover of Neil Diamond’s ‘Solitary Man’. And now they show off their wares in ‘Last Summer To Dance’. A single that is a mix of r&b, reggae, ska, and jazz/rock influences, it shows much of where the band’s musical sensibilities lie and where it had been. Feels to us that they just left for a summer and has come back, like it hadn’t been decades. It’s the icing on the cake, for dang sure. We salute y’all.

SWYM – Strange Hallucinations

SWYM is a duo who knows how to please the soul. ‘Strange Hallucinations’ is their way of communicating the relevance of the kind of Universe that they possess in their instruments of choice. The single is BIG. It’s bigger than this Earth. It’s bigger than our Milky Way. With clashing sexiness of the percussions, delectably contrasting and making love to the guitar licks and haunting synth, you’re swept away in a retro vacuum of light and sound.

Jamie Yost – Runaway

JAMIE YOST brings the best traditions of singer/songwriters’ energies and melancholic sparkles a story deserves. It’s all about the contrasts in the good and the bad, the sweet and the sour, love and the gray. Jamie brings that from the first note to the last in this single ‘Runaway’. The swelling lows of emotions described, caresses the soul being – transcribed onto the moody personal spaces in delight – a majestic inclination for the grand, but anchored in the smallest of life’s quirks. Jamie’s debut EP ‘Aurora’ is a grant indie-folk saga. His follow up EP is expected to drop sometime in 2019.

bbboris – STEPHANIE

Is it possible to love in the darkness of a black hole in the middle of this Milky Way? And if so, how would that sound like on a terrestrial emphasis? bbboris’ single ‘STEPHANIE’ would be a likely culprit. And would this single help the boy and girl get back together, so that they will likely live happily ever after? We don’t think so. In this Universe, the longing call for the love of his life, the protagonist, steps into the mix of emotions, tainted by physics and the will of a dimension that sees no light at the end of that tunnel. But deep in his heart, she lives in him, as near as his DNA molecules. The odds are stacked against him.


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