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JOEL THOMAS Shares ‘Promises’. Gone Are The Pictures Of Me, From Your Heart’s Walls.

Gone are the pictures of you.

You who I loved.

You who I loved to pieces.

You who I love to the moon and back.

You left me.

You betrayed me.

You didn’t want to be with me anymore.

What did I do to you?

What was it?

Why didn’t you answer?

Gone are the pictures of me, from your heart’s walls.

Joel Thomas is a shoe gaze / post punk guitarist and songwriter from Liverpool, England. And we think his campaign into the music publishing world, is a superb continuation in the effort. Aesthetics and method of communication is very important to us here at CHF, and in Thomas’ single ‘Promises’ brings his world of ‘love’, ‘impoverishment’, and ‘depth in confusion’ to the audience, with highlighted calm and fragrance. The British new wave influence is evident, but that’s just a seasoning that is particular and welcomed in this single.

He has already 2 digital EP’s under his belt and from the sound of things, he has a fab future in the works. This latest single demonstrates the ‘maturation’ process in his song construction, and we dig it.

Kudos, Joel. Kudos. Looking for more, in the near future.



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