Joey Costello Share Single ‘Butterfly’. Beckoning Ballad. Call For A Difference.

Joey Costello supplies us with a pretty ballad, approachable folk and pop elements, all doing their best to heighten the interesting vocal musings the solo artist. The ‘skip a beat’ kind of voice of Costello is the central character in this piece, where resisting hesitations murmur, in the background, touching her softly, trying to speak and communicate.

The American singer-songwriter brings out the fantasy, with interesting additives, tastefully inserted, and colored.

His plans are to release 5 new singles, which included his ‘So High We Lose Our Minds’ and this particular single ‘Butterfly’.

Costello is quite busy with live performances throughout the UK (The Wind Blows By UK Tour), including the upcoming June 22nd show @ Talking Heads in Southampton, United Kingdom.


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