joey maxwell ‘streetlights’ : It’s indie, but not indie. It’s pop, but not pop.

joey maxwell

“‘Streetlights’ is about me realising that I was using some of my more painful memories and experiences to fuel my creativity,” joey shared. “Doing this was becoming a bad habit and the song became a means for me to help solidify my memories and leave them truly in the past. I don’t like to explain too much about what I write because I really want people to draw their own meaning from it, something which has a positive effect for them on a personal level.”

Being a peer of Rex Orange County and black midi at the BRIT School reinforced Joey’s dogged originality. Setting up a studio in his bedroom, he began pasting together Northern Soul melodies, hip-hop drums, and skittering, home-made electronics, creating a kind of other-worldly, wholly addictive brew.

It’s indie, but not indie. It’s pop, but not pop. There isn’t really a word for it – it’s just what Joey Maxwell does.

“When I started writing for myself, it was so freeing,” he added. “But I don’t think I was ever insecure until I started working on my own. It’s weird. There’s no joint responsibility. There’s no hiding.”


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