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Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease Shares ‘”And Soon” (feat. Renée LoBue)’.

We’d only gotten to get a small glimpse of JOEY SWEENEY & THE NEON GREASE when we’d featured them for the song ‘Don’t Kill Yourself This Christmas’.

JS does this so very well. If you think about it in a cinematic point of view, it’s that ‘pivotal’ moment for a protagonist in the movie where he’d realized how his world was a ‘lie’ and ‘the last straw cracks the camel’s back’. The whipping deterioration of the mind is depicted in those moments, with a song like ‘And Soon (feat. Renée LoBue)’.

The horns, the vocals, the lyrics, and the malaise of the totality of the situation brings that tragedy to the fore.

Reconciling this fact is hard on a man. It’s hard on any human.

The soul breaks.

The world view twists.

Your stomach reclines with pity for the consumption of such defective information.

The band’s debut album ‘Catholic School’ is what dad-rock is and always can be. It’s that old stock of apparel, in physical reality and of the mind’s eye.

Joey is that classic Ferrari from the 80’s and he’s continued to formulate new and fascinating ways to be considered discerning and different from the pack.



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