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Johanna Warren – Inreverse (Music Video)

The video for ‘Inreverse’ is beautiful to say the least. Both aesthetically speaking, and at the emotional level. Johanna Warren takes what she can offer, and then some for us to consume. It’s a delight.

‘Inreverse’ is part of her upcoming February 6th release of her album ‘Gemini II’. CHF has touched upon her songs ‘Here To Tell’.

She’s working hard to do what she deems ambitious and good.

Keep on keepin’ on Johanna.

Also, she has a Patreon page where she dials out goals for the 2018 year. It’s admirable and worthy (in our eyes) to mention.

Johanna’s Goals and Intentions for 2018.

  • Release new album “Gemini II” Feb. 16
  • Finish recording and mixing a *new* new album, and make three videos for it
  • Tour extensively across the US on a Plant Medicine Tour, sharing music and plant magic and raising awareness about local herbalists and biodynamic farmers
  • Finally tour in the UK, Europe, and hopefully Japan!
  • Release at least five new albums by other magical artists on Spirit House
  • Assemble a modest home studio to minimize future recording costs
  • Buy a decent camera and tripod for making high quality live videos and documenting my upcoming national Plant Medicine tour

Go, go!

‘Gemini II’ drops February 16 on Spirit House Records. Record release party as well on February 17th.


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