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Johanna Warren – Here To Tell

“Longing for another touch, a reassurance to support the thoughts and deeds already perpetrated – the sinking feeling, that desperate feeling – even if nothing was done wrong.” Johanna Warren’s Here To Tell is a haunting reciprocity to that heel of relationships between lovers, and oneself.

It’s a beautiful ballad.

Johanna’s vocals are ‘touchable’. It’s poignant.

At the same time, it slaps you, slowly, kindly, and unobtrusively. The tone is caring – softly.

The external visions are not what everything’s about. It’s the transitions within the folds, the difficult and ‘ugly’ folds, where one can come alive.

Trivial fascination, dominates this song by Warren – telling of the respite between thoughts and the struggles to hurdle those land mines.

It’s always a difficult proposition.

And she takes it on.

Asking the questions.

Not particularly of the partner – but of herself.

Self doubt, leads to better questions.
Better questions, seek the path.
Many roads confuse, and cloud.
For only self doubt, can clear away the haze.

Warren is a fabulous artist, and expresses her wares firmly in this song.

The subject matter seems quaint at first glance, but it’s a heavy, heavy 2 ton beast if ever one comes across it.

And we dig that.

So, you should dig Johanna, as well.

Her latest LP ‘Gemini II (2)’ will officially drop in 2018, February 16. We’re looking forward.

She’s rep’ed by Spirit House Records, out of Portland, Oregon.

Kudos, Johanna.

Keep on, keepin’ on.



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