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John Butler // Planet Case // Mike SB // Phantom Vibrations // Andreanna

John Butler – Sixth Sense

JOHN BUTLER brings ‘Sixth Sense’. It’s the bouncy, synth driven pop tune that values the groovy and the smooth. From a musical family, the artist from Santa Barbara, California has a knack for the subtle, with no pretense and un-needed bravado in this single. The gentle sweeps of 80’s r&b sensibilities delectably sweep in seamlessly within the more modern methods of his beats. Off of his new album ‘Dreams’, ‘Sixth Sense’ is just one part of a 9 song seranade for your warmth seeking soul. John’s music is the calming sunset on a California beach, with just a feeling of satisfaction and a zero care in the world. At least for that moment. JOHN BUTLER will take you away.

Planet Case – Chemical

“‘Chemical’ launches a new musical direction for the band so I guess right after the New Year is perfect timing for the song,” stated the band. “The song tells about compromises that you have to make with your dearest ones to be able to make music and travel hundreds of miles every week because of that.” The Finnish electro-indie-alt band takes it up a notch with ‘Chemical’ as it visits the harmonies that can help you want to fall in love. With this single, all the stresses fall off, as you two challenge the future to test your resolve, with all its got. Love is a shield for all things that come your way. Let’s make it happen.

Mike SB – All Them (prod. by bene)

23 year old South Florida artist, MIKE SB, dials up the dynamic range with ‘All Them’. A keleidoscope of bright colors, is a promise to be the person you imagined – and then some. The mellow and chill rhythms of the single relegates those sequences of love into simple basics. The bouncy but purposeful attitude is off of Mike’s latest album ‘Chase Your Dreams’. Mike certainly has been doing what he preaches, and we think he’d recommend we all do the same too.

Phantom Vibrations – C’est La Vie

“Whisper, I love you.” That’s part of life, and this delicious narration of often irrationality, PHANTOM VIBRATIONS, offers up beautiful progressions and rhythms for our soul to soak and ingest. ‘C’est La Vie’ is the work of former member of Awolnation, David Amezcua. He’s stated that, in effect, he’s breaking free and into new territories with this single. We imagine that, that is a break-out of the heart, mind, emotions, and of artistic ambitions. Word. David’s touch on this singles are 80’s radio pop, with the tinge of alternative and quirky outcroppings of fun loving notes. He’s done that with his single ‘Stranger’, and he’s done it again with ‘C’est La Vie’. It’s a pattern that we dig, for sure.

Andreanna – Like U

ANDREANNA is that girlfriend you’d always wanted. She’s the one who can teach you the ropes, for life and its inadiquacies. She’s the one who can make you a better person, no matter the challenge. And she’s the one who can make everything right with her charming and majestic sultriness of her voice, and antithetically brilliant musical extravaganzas. Each song is a celebration, and her single ‘Like U’, is a celebration in the light of it all – our limitations, our flaws, our mis-givings, and for the potentials we’d always known we’d kept. In that little security safe, we keep our little secrets. ANDREANNA is there for you – to divulge in full. Tinged with dub highlights, the r&b single is full of emotional lyrics and diabolically delicious nuances in spectrum. She’s the one you want. Her music can be your access.


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