John D. ‘All Real’ (Titan Remix) (feat. Paul Wall) : Hard hitting – carpe diem – vibes and inviting accentuations for today.

John D.

Featured in the best of it all, Paul Wall, seals the deal with ‘All Real’. The single by John D., this Titan Remix is a revel of gargantuan beats with emphatic rhythms that will bring your world into order.

John D’s electronic music projects included K Clap (feat. Tech N9ne), with official remix of the world-wide hit, Crook for Life (feat. Mr. Pookie), bringing additional angles to his arsenal of sights and sounds.

A cancer survivor, John D’s fighting spirit is in every fold of his productions, with hard hitting – carpe diem – vibes and inviting accentuations for today.

His goal is to bring from the poor to the wealthy together with this distinct new sound, donating all song sales profits to cancer-fighting charity, to further inspire bigger artists to donate.

Let’s listen. Let’s dominate.


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