John Dingo ‘Monstrous Humanoid’ : Relax. It’s real stories of human brutality. We’re all normal.

John Dingo

S.P. Burnham is the guy with the song. He is also with the guy, with the wife who loves relaxing in front of episodes of ‘True Crime’. But the thing is. She’s not the only one, and there are many more of her fellow citizens who love to relax, exactly that way.

That’s the kind of twist that we human beings are capable of. Yes, murders and psychopathic true crimes against other humans. But in addition, our brains love the excitement of watching and listening to that exact twist of watching other humans do such horrible deeds to each other.

We’re sadists, you can say.

But it’s okay. It’s normal. We get off, in our own ways.

And you know what other ways we get excited? This single by the project of S.P., John Dingo – and the single ‘Monstrous Humanoid’. It’s salacious, it’s real, it’s a story of perplexing quandaries, in a fulfilling marriage, where endearing question marks just makes it even more ‘funner’.

Could be worse right?

S.P. is joined by a small army of supporters including Kayla Murphy, Reimena Ashel Yee (front & back cover), Michi (Monstrous Humanoid), Kat Perdock (Sin-Eater), Sam Kirchoff (Chandelier Cafe), Seven (Free & Hidden), & Noah Brown (Petronilla).


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