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John Edge – Emerald City (Feat. Blackmill)

A collaboration between John Edge and Blackmill, Emerald City is a fantastically serene pitcher of warm tonic on the soul of one’s bodily functions. The song has just a touch of nostalgic tastes, flavored with the kind of folk entrepreneurship that we love to hear.

Control of self. Control of mind. Defending against dictation: a solemn thought for a mind that is reeling against the forces from human nature, bends and sometimes break one’s soul.

Crying, crying, uncontrollably. Pour out those thoughts, piled up high in mind. Let the venom seep out of the pours, for there are better days ahead.

The goal is to get there. Dreams keep us energized. Day to day battles won, pushes us forward.

And life is, as always, cruel and un-relenting.

Let’s try to grasp those clouds, my darling. It is where we’ll thrive, and work.. towards a better future…together, forever.

It’s an anthem, really. Emerald City, has always been that vision; in books, movies, songs.

We can get there. We can exist there. We can win.

One small step at a time.

John Edge is from Edinburgh Scotland, and is fab.

We dig his style.



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