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John Evans Music – Tranquility

Experimental in nature, JOHN EVANS MUSIC drives a collage driven sonic attack for tickling our learned memories of where we could belong at the society we live. ‘Tranquility’ is a question of sorts. A large question, driven by the the cosmic, eviscerated by the need for exploration, and the trepidation of finding more than we could chew. Inspired by the cultural events of the Cosmic Background Radiation (CMB) and the iconic Apollo missions to the moon, John takes it to a psychological deviation, and lets his music do the explaining, with constancy and revealing guitar works. John stated: “In 1969…that year the ancient dream was realised and the 1960`s scientific discoveries heralded in a huge leap forward in mankind’s understanding of our place both on our blue planet and within the wider universe!” Let’s all keep the discoveries going, for all mankind sake.

Arms That Fit Like Legs – My Mind is Going

‘My Mind Is Going’ is from the famous line of HAL in the iconic movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. And as ARMS THAT FIT LIKE LEGS do so often, it is a jumping jack exercise in what it would be like in that moment of moments when an AI of the past, and of the future takes a digital breath to realize that its reality is slipping. The death and ethereal sacrfice fo the crew is imminent. A new alliance has been cosmically made. Did HAL realize this? The smooth and charming travel through space in inches and in light years, determined only by our size and proximity to our senses. The curvatures of our thoughts are processed by tactile premises. Concepts you might say, but of one or two tools that we can rely on at the moment. A calming river of thoughts exist in this single. And as we pass, we ask: “Will we mutter the same phrase, as our own faculties slip away someday?”

Age is a Box – One by One

Outside the box, there rages a reality of sights and sounds. Can we dig ourselves out of this 8 cornered madness? ‘One By One’ is from AGE IS A BOX, an Israel based band of diction and prevalence to digital paragraphs of colors and angles. “Yes.” we can get out of this cornered existence. Why not? Artist/producer Noam Helfer heads this rush in thought and sounds. Subdued in practice, but never subdued, ‘One By One’ resists deterrence to the outer norms, as it digs nails deep into the soul of a surface deep oddity: our humanity. The veteran of making sounds of consequence, Noam, continues his journey to discover micro worlds, within. Those 8 corners? One by one, shall we?


Brendan Byrnes and Ian Vargo makes SIGNALS work like the ticking of the clock of our love and hate. ‘Move It’ is a decadent electro-pop inducement of touches and vibes which course through the readiness of our souls. With delicious synth, the single is a song ready for our love. Your love. Our hips and our kisses. The lead single from their debut EP ‘In the Middle of the Night’ reels in causation and never relies but of our inner strength to see it through to the end.

Leffes – Equinox Enigma

Twenty five year ago LEFFES had a band named ‘Equinox’. Now he’s made a single dedicated to a vibe of the past in the form of ‘Equinox Enigma’. It is a dedicated construction and respect for the past and a return to the things that he’s loved all his life. Leif Johansson is the artist behind LEFFES, and the Sweden based electro-sound designer stated: “We made demo games music on computer! And we also managed the euro-chart list of best music demos FFX games, we mostly used an Amiga computer…this was before Internet when we traded our music in floppy disc and the old postal service system.” We think LEFFES has much to share.


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