John Greska ‘Suicide Pact’ : The swag of goofy antics and tight bop.

John Greska

From his latest album ‘Aiming At The Stars’, the swag of goofy antics and tight bop, pours out with unadulterated fabulousness in ‘John Greska’s ‘Suicide Pact’. A rap moulded, antithetical exuberance, it brings together experimental angles that is in the best traditions of Digital Underground’s Shock G and let’s the fluffy clouds of modern bluegrass/Polka tinged tongue-in-cheek take hold.

Lecturing. Teaching. Un-teaching. The hook is gigantic. It’s produced from a room. The room is John’s weirdly chemicals that slosh around in his brain.

Let’s dance like in a video game, yo.

John Greska is a fusion artist, specializing in the mixture of electrical and classical genres. His fusion inspirations are Hybrid and Ólafur Arnalds, with classical inspirations leaning towards Frank Ticheli.

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Top of the Griffith Observatory

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