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John McCabe Shares ‘Perfect Sense’. The Uncertainty Ripe & Glorious. Find It.

The light and airy single from John McCabe cuts to a weird place in the discussion. “What can be contained in a sentence?” “What can one person’s intentions become known or understood?” Complication is the norm. Simplicity is the heart of it all.

But can that be attained?

Implications of the product, is the end result; we must determine whether its solvency, its relative usefulness. The soul searching is wasted, without the reason to do so. Without the reason to do so, there’s zero incentive to find the meaning. Taking the time to find the meaning – and the meaning must be worth the wait.

Philosophically, there are many holes. But meaning is meaningful, to the personal-self.

And as humans, ultimately, that is the core of the deal.

Our self reliant definition of that final answer, could overlap and/or never overlap with others’ own personal definitions.

It’s a way to cooperate, then working towards one unified goal.

Simplicity is hard.

Sometimes maybe saying ‘Fu*k It’, might be better.

Who knows.



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