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John Paul Grigsby Shares ‘Home’. A Crescendos Of Sound Judgements And Emotional Appeals.

The start of the single ‘Home’ is an amalgamation of several elements and the collage-effect is melded and glued, fantastically by John Paul’s vocals. The smooth bassist goes it alone in his debut album and through this single, his statement is heard loud and clear.

Latest album ‘Nothing Is New’ is available now.

The veteran musician had written many of his songs from his home and was never keen on releasing them. Until now.

And ‘Home’ is a fabulous way to start the festivities.

His take on the sounds of The Beatles, Pink Floyd is evident in the single – with emotive lyrics and musical deliveries, palpitating to crescendos of sound judgements and emotional appeals – highlight the journey, as it ought to be. Trivial, but not – defending against the scourge of the enemies within, deflecting the shells hitting hard and fast against the ramparts, of our feelings and desires – within this song, you get to return to that safe place for a while.

Romping through time and space, is what ‘Home’ can be interpreted, and we dig that element to another layer.


The band consists of: JPG, Katie Grigsby, Paul Grigsby, Hunter Hall, and Zack Littlefield.



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