John Roseboro ‘Son of My Father’ : Surrounded by the beautifully poetic lyrical charms. Encapsulate together to bring the charms.

John Roseboro

With classic bossa nova vibes, surrounded by the beautifully poetic lyrical charms, encapsulate together to bring the charms of ‘Song of My Father’, by John Roseboro.

Lovely guitar licks, twinkling in the night sky of the mind and heart, bless the listener’s ear, with rosewater saltiness of life, with the ever decadent sweetness of life and love.

Written while John’s wife was pregnant with their “only begotten son”, John brings integrity and unconditional love over the lush soundscapes embrace of his musical aims.

John Roseboro’s EP, ‘Homage’ is where this letter to a loved one will reside.


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