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John Scovell – Orangey

Off of his latest album ‘Plasto-Vision’, eclectic troubadeur and indie-rock vision, JOHN SCOVELL, dives right into the deep end of our senses and tells us that gold can be found there. Nuggets of knowledge? Nuggets of lessons? Nope. Just nuggets of literal gold. Shiny, and yellow, bits of natures own metallic goodness. John wants to extract that gold out of your heart. For it corrupts the goodness within you. Greed? Nope. Just having metal in your heart is bad for you. What the f*ck!?! That’s right. Makes sense right? “No! It doesn’t makes sense!” you reply. We nod in agreement, but John still digs out that metal out of your heart. Glad his latest single ‘Orangey’ was playing in the background through. At least there’s that. Seductive and, believe it or not, altruistic, ‘Orangey’ is surf-punk framed rock n’ roll that just never comes off of your skin. Gritty guitar fuzz, indelible in every way, the artist, quells your impending denominational skepticism for a knee snapping sing along. Give it a go, eh? Your heart will thank you.

Fake Dad – CAN U BE MY HOME?

Alt-pop band FAKE DAD’s ‘Can U Be My Home?’ questions with a delectable r&b/soul emphasis in philosophy. From love to being loved, a transition for a new state of affairs, is a subject of decadence in this song, as it questions a realistic notion, that can never have a conclusion. A lush vocal harmonies, are drenched in a Kalashnikov like drizzle of sounds that are both fragmented and whole. The runny edges of the song, guided by an rudimentary and modern vibe, dream-pops from here and there, with subsequent resonance for hooks and ladders for what’s to come. And what IS really ‘to come’? Who knows. But with FAKE DAD’s insipid and understated gray-ness, delights our listening ears with ample hues of both happiness and sadness. The balance between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ doesn’t exist. We are who we are, and FAKE DAD seems to tell us that ‘that’s alright too’. FAKE DAD is headed by duo Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford.

Sweetheart – Ghosts

Americana is in great hands with SWEETHEART. The beautifully laid, shimmer of affectionate story telling in ‘Ghosts’ tells you all that you need to know (for the moment) about the band. Consisting of John Arne Ø. Gundersen, Anne Mette Hårdnes, and Frode Bjørnstad, the trio from Oslo, Norway delivers with passion and followthrough in every breath of this single. Sultry and opining in a tale of emotional depravation, the single traverses in existing paths to a space of grandeur and misplacement. But the song never loses sight of the big picture for what relationships and the finer details of that relationship, has and always will be. ‘Ghosts’ timely executes with minimal excuses, and radiates in majestic fervor, the depth and richness of what we can bring as one human to another. ‘Ghosts’ is part of SWEETHEART’s latest two single EP ‘Ghosts/When I Need You The Most’, which is available now.

Kyle Emerson – May You Find Peace

KYLE EMERSON’s got it goin’ on. The indie-rocker from Denver, Colorado is the quintessential definition for the good in music. In ‘May You Find Peace’, he brings buzzy eloquence to an indie pop-rock offering, with reverb effects and arrangement charm that is evident from the start. ‘May You Find Peace’ is off of the upcoming sophomore album ‘Only Coming Down’. With handsome hooks and driving guitar antics, the serious vibrations undulate in synchronization, and we, as listeners, are propelled to new heights of giddiness. The contemporary sounds mingle effortlessly in this single, as it wafts through vibrantly under the consequential and redeeming qualities of Kyle’s vocals. The new album follows his 2017 debut album ‘Dorothy Alice’ and from what’s gathered so far, the upcoming album will invigorate and energize with the best – and then some. Warm, convivial, jovial, and understanding, KYLE EMERSON’s vaugnting efforts in literary pop, should garner our attention. And yours.

Karl Jakob – Song for broken hearts

In each song of his project, Jakob Stenseke takes every opportunity to explore all 4 corners of his musical sphere. His project is named KARL JAKOB, and through it, Jakob dreams in a fluidity of dreams that are only supposed to be in the past. But Jakob, brings the mix of styles back into the modern world, with emphatic attention and stylistic contention. It is his passion to extend his nuances for sounds and never be afraid to poke at that ‘never-done’ or the ‘never-before’. ‘Song For Broken Hearts’ is a “bittersweet and nostalgic Henry Mancini-journey by an orchestra of saxophones and synths,” stated Jakob. In fact, it is a song that reflects more than the modern gluttony of barriers, but of simpleness in the joy of making music that hits at the core of how sounds should be incorporated. No pretense, no over-blown promises – just a simple tune of maximal complexity, conjured for the enjoyment and pleasure for our souls. A fulfilling meal, perfect in portion and proximity, indeed.


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