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John Shakespear // Billingsley // Andrew Leahey // Poster Child // The Pink Dust

John Shakespear – Darkened Room

JOHN SHAKESPEAR’s single ‘Darkened Room’ sounds like so many of us. The soft power of the daily-grind, nestled in between the shimmers of the love that keeps you going. What a life. Produced by Devon Dawson (Local Natives, The Starting Line), this beautifully crafted dip into the likely and the promising, really gets our dancing hearts a-flutter. With infectious guitars and John’s understated effervescence in his voice and lyrics, we get to swing just a little bit longer, captivated by the world that doesn’t seem to matter for a while. ‘Spend Your Youth’ is the full debut album to drop May 10th.

Billingsley – Only Truth

As family history notes, the Billingsley brothers didn’t get along when they were children, except for music. Music helped them tolerate and work together. ‘Only Truth’ is that continuous exercise that has ultimately become a benefit for us listeners. We at CHF love this history of the trio made up of Wilson, Grant, and Bennett Billingsley. Maybe something that isn’t advertised too much, but really makes their music and themselves, much more relatable to many of us in the world. Nothing’s as smooth in life, and when brothers like these come together to make/construct what they love to do, is heartfelt. And when you listen to this single, where the chorus sends chills up your spine, you’re connected, and nothing can get you away from what these three has brought. They say: “Three Brothers; One Voice.” We sure do agree, and we love it.

Andrew Leahey – Make It Last

Carpe Diem. It’s overused sometimes by many. But for some, it’s a dedication to actually living with urgency. Living to the full. Never apologetic. That’s what ANDRE LEAHEY’s sophomore LP ‘Airwaves’ is all about. And from an impressionistic child who’d grown up with 80’s FM-radio at the ready, the artist wanted to remind himself of those days after a near tragic brain operation. “We didn’t have cable TV growing up,” Leahey said, “but my big brother would go over to his friend’s house with blank VHS cassettes and tape two-hour blocks of MTV, commercials and all. We watched those videos over and over for months. I loved Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. They looked just like my G.I. Joes—Springsteen was positively ripped, and they were all wearing bandanas, playing in front of these huge American flags. They looked like action heroes.” Nashville based artist ANDREW LEAHEY makes reliving our childhoods, even more important.

Poster Child – Death Star Cadillac

POSTER CHILD’s single ‘Death Star Cadillac’ is just like getting that first black eye in elementary school. It doesn’t feel very bad, when your love crush in school hit you right square. You don’t mind. You know it’s temporary inconvenience. But the experience of her touching (hitting) you was worth it. Crazy? Nope. The first single release by POSTER CHILD makes references of 80’s and under the umbrella of a fun rag-tag indie-pop, you get enamored by the hip and the bop of the song. Just can’t get it out of your ears, to be honest. It’ll stick with ya for a while, like Angela’s love tap.

The Pink Dust – Hello

Cliff Littlefield & Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas construct the Universe of THE PINK DUST. Being introduced to the gray and the dark, there are times when we are immersed in that thickness like molasses. Can’t get out sometimes, no matter how hard you try. But the captive handcuffs are broken, when she comes into your life. She makes life living again. She makes your gray, colorful and dark with only cooling shades from the tropical sun. Smiles are what she brings to your heart. ‘Hello’ is a promise to get to the place where none-matter but your sanctity for grasping life, and breathing in the giving goodness of – that profound. Cliff and Roy are beautiful to listen to, indeed.


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