John Shakespear x Bea Troxel ‘Wicked Game’ (Chris Isaak) (Jonathann Rice Remix)

John Shakespear

Rising Nashville indie-folk artists John Shakespear and Bea Troxel collaborated on a cover of Chris Isaak’s classic ‘Wicked Game’ by producer Devon Dawson (credits on Local Natives). Co-producer Jonathann Rice decided to remix the song, which led to this oceanic, woozy take on the track.

Nashville-based indie rocker John Shakespear’s full-length record ‘Spend Your Youth’ with producer Devon Dawson (Local Natives, The Starting Line) and mixer Greg Giorgio of Tarquin Studios (The National, Sharon Van Etten, Kurt Vile) is a hoot of an offering.

Enjoy this.

John is joined by his bandmates Samm Bahman, Johnny Helyar, Greg Hum, Alex LaRue, and Nate Taylor. And the Nashville based, Boston bred, son of an Argentine immigrant and a Boston-Irish mother, John’s vision for poetry is decadent and relative, with warmth and empathy from the get-go.

The thoughtful writer of song keeps his thoughts with calculated spirit. Filed away for that rainy day, sharing with the public – of his deeds and memories – in the hopes for his music moving and reaching with a promissory note for truth and honesty.


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