John Statz ‘Rainy Days in the U.K.’ : Worry we all should. But progress must also be made.

John Statz

I was on tour last September in England and feeling a bit stressed out by constant rain, Brexit anxiety, and a disintegrating relationship back home. I wrote this song after a phone call with a friend in the tiny Dorset village of Worth Matravers, played it that night, and for the rest of the tour.

Off of his latest LP ‘Early Riser’, the first single ‘Rainy Days in the U.K.’ (Featuring Billy Conway of Morphine on drums) delivers a charming ensemble of beauty in simplicity and acceptance for he surrounding world. Stress and not-stress, all culminate in a ‘go forth’/’can do’ attitude. Worry we all should. But progress must also be made.

It was somewhere in England while on tour in September of 2019 that Colorado songwriter John Statz – stressed out by rainy days, Brexit anxiety, and a disintegrating relationship back home – began to feel optimistic and plan his new record. Early Riser is a balancing act between the experiences in modern life that cause us worry or pain and those that bring us joy. The album is very much a product of the year 2019 and the cultural scene at the end of a decade, with songs referencing political divisions over Brexit, the destruction of Notre Dame, and the racist dog-whistles of a xenophobic president.

John presents those weighty topics alongside more personal songs of reverence for travel and the outdoors, falling in and out of love, and his parents’ relationship.


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