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John The Blind // Varley // Julia Zahra // CAPPA // Kensington Moore

John The Blind – Hallelujah

“I remember this being a really late session with Ali Tamposi and AfterHrs,” recalled John The Blind. “We were discussing ‘late-night meet-ups’ and wanted to celebrate that, instead of feeling bad about it…I was in the honey-moon phase with a girl I was seeing at the time, the sparks were flying and the uncertainty was exciting.” ‘Hallelujah’ is that feeling of excitement and exultation. We’re animals. We are basic. We love, lust, and care. We also pray that things can go the best it can. In the meantime, let’s enjoy how good it is now. JTB encourages, with florescent vocals and sentimentality conjoined in fascination to what we all ultimately desire.

Varley – Phantom Studies

VARLEY consists of Claire-Ann Varley, and multi-instrumentalists Matthias Heising and Joschka Bender. Claire-Ann’s voice is of moisture of the morning dawn, saturating and beckoning. And as Matthias and Joschka delivers in the vast with pumping synths and satellite views of the most inner – they all project with grandeur and decadence. ‘Phantom Studies’ never loses interest, in you, your thoughts, nor of what could be. “‘Phantom studies’ looks at the dynamic between two people who,” stated VARLEY, “although have the same daily routine, see things in a completely different way. It shows how memories can be warped and changed over time and how one person’s reality is not the same as another’s. It shows the breakdown in a relationship and communication and how sometimes even when we communicate our feelings they are not taken seriously” Tragedy told in beauty. In VARLEY.

Julia Zahra – Do You

JULIA ZAHRA is the emotions amplified by Julia van der Torn. The former winner of ‘The Voice of Holland’, Julia shows off what got her to that circle of exclusive talents with ‘Do You’. Last year, she’d dropped her ‘Something New’ EP, and has continued to grasp the power of her musical voice throughout Holland and continental Europe. “I ain’t taking your shit anymore” kind of anthem is built into the DNA of ‘Do You’. Julia’s acumen for impact never is subtle, but like flowers blooming, it fascinates and intrigues with an inherent beauty in its presentation. Moving on, is a step to improving. ‘Do You’ is to reset and start anew, with vitality and vigor. See her next at Patronaat Haarlem, May 12th in Haarlem, Netherlands.


CAPPA is driven by Philadelphia-born Carla Cappa. And her ever popular style had been featured by brands like Victoria’s Secret, Bumble, Under Armor, Journeys, Urban Outfitters, H&M and Forever 21. Carla stated: “‘I Do’ is a slight departure from my previous singles because it is a little more emotional and raw lyrically…Its about knowing that you shouldn’t take someone back and everything in you should be able to walk away from it but for some reason you can’t.” CAPPA is never without a requisite for charm. And boy does she bring it, with audacity at times, but always with accountable respect for her subjects that embody her feelings and ultimate conclusions. Her enthusiasm to share her stories with the world is palpable in her music.

Kensington Moore – I Don’t Like You Anymore

We stop. Pause. We don’t know what they are thinking in their mind; in their heart of hearts. Connections are bound by limits. Limits of what love can be, are, in part, deduced by the living boundaries we set, or have been deemed. It’s the right of passage to drive towards that wall of deference with conviction to solve what sometimes is unsolvable. Love keeps us honest. “I wrote ‘I Don’t Like You Anymore’ about a guy I thought I loved but was too afraid to say it,” explained KENSINGTON MOORE. “The title has an underlying message of actually meaning ‘I love you.’ The guy I was dating at the time broke up with me before I could show him the song, so I guess it can be taken literally now too.” Kensington, as you can feel, takes things in stride. She’s a strong woman with a stronger pride of herself, now and forever. ‘I Don’t Like You Anymore’ christens with the insistence, but batters with that warm hug of doing the right thing. For both parties. Nashville-to-LA pop/R&B songwriter Kensington Moore, continues to make her statements, and we’re all better for it.


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