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John Thompson Shares ‘Rise and Shine’. “Everlasting Fight. Fight For Your Piece Of Life.”

“I told you I could do it. Why didn’t you have faith in me?!” She was angry. For no one seemed to ever give her the benefit of doubt that she deserved, at face value. But after every episode, she knew she would always be the underdog. After all these years, she played like it was this way.

The Universe called it.

The Universe wants it this way.

Then she’d have to battle to her grave against what seems to be her fate.

“Okay, Universe. You. Me. It’s on.”

The Universe, heard this from Amanda, and took note. One Universal eye brow was uplifted, both in surprise and humor.

“Who is this kid?” The Universe asked itself.

And suddenly Amanda’s voice blared into the emptiness of space, and she declared, “I am Amanda. Daughter of Patricia and Jack. Sister to Andy, and the proud owner of you, The Universe. I will come for you. You are mine!”

The legend goes that the fight still goes on, and when thunder is heard, that’s Amanda’s brutal and honest hammering of her foe.

JOHN THOMPSON’s style in ‘Rise And Shine’ is such an interesting take on a fairly straight forward direction in rock. It’s between ballad and rock, between Americana and 70’s music habits. Such innocence in the presentation, just exudes the kind of longing that is fair to assess to the notes and sensibilities.

And that’s what we like here at CHF.




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