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John War Shares Single ‘Plurals’. “In front our very eyes.”

Staggered keys, digital glitch-like love, relaxed Brit-rock aesthetics – JOHN WAR brings his own brand of decadence in his debut solo project in 2019. Still retaining the lo-fi history of his previous projects, the computer drops of the beats, and harmonies are framed in the challenges of the best of features of the life that isn’t what it should be. But as the worlds of two individuals collide and mix, the bright suns of suns, shine delightfully.

Airy and dipped slightly in dubstep sentiments, ‘Plurals’ is a classically constructed pop single, in the best traditions of the past decades, congealed into a consumable and digestible extravaganza.

John has no boundaries, when it comes to his personal music preference. From experimental, to grunge, to rock, to hiphop, and to the world of electronica; his aims are pure, and purely for sonic journeys – personally dictated, by proxy of the Universe he resides in.

Just a cool and fabulous thing to witness, as the project progresses, in front our very eyes.

Looking towards even more.



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