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Johnny Castaway – Song For Broken Hearts

Playing off of the solid and always dependable 3 chord song structure, the guys in JOHNNY CASTAWAY, makes this single a festival of excitement and hard-rock happiness. Consisting of members Shuanz, Nandim, Zoy, and Guto, the gang makes the song go like no other, as the hard driving guitars, joined in by the thumping bass instruments, revel in the thought of the now and forever. Based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the guys know how to rock it, and we’re pretty sure their party is the party to get to every week. Wish we were there, to be honest.

Assassins – Shout About It

Off of the ‘Confidence’ EP, ASSASSINS relies on that constant rock n’ roll grittiness that defines their sound. ‘Shout About It’ is the single from a band mad up of Andrew Butler, Craig Park, and Eddie Smith, who makes you thump and closes bars early in the mornings. The drive and the perspiration is embedded into the single, created for the live audience, doing its damnedest to make you want to drink some more. Friends, patrons, family, fellow rockers, dig to make the world right again. At least for the night. The veteran trio gathers together to keep the essence rolling forward and their Melbourne fans happy and proud.

The Cards – Rock & Roll Rocketship

“My lady put her cards on the table and asked my friend Harrison if he could help me get my bluesy tunes from my head to completion,” said when he was asked about Paul Quinn of THE CARDS’ formation. “I admired his multi-instrumental abilities and added my own to the mix. It was completely organic, unforced joy to write together. Harrison had done a lot of playing with Koen so we were already fans of his ‘fire’ and explosive talent as a drummer, coupled with serious laid back grooves. Then we found we were all three comedians and decided we are ‘cards,’ so therefore, we’re The Cards.” Go figure. Funny how life and circumstances help things go the way they do. ‘Rock & Roll Rocketship’ is a surprisingly aromatic blues derived rock n’ roll, indeed. With copious amount of delicious guitar work, the subtle lyrical power ballad keeps it real. Makes us real. Makes our dreams real. The band is Paul and Harrison Young. The duo makes hard-rock, precious to listen to.

Suppaman, Jeffrey Beyo – Groovin’ (Yes Indeed)

Born out of a collaboration between SUPPAMAN and producer Jeffrey Beyo. The catchy bass driven funk-tastic single, was influenced by the Istanbul’s nightlife. “Moving, moving, moving to the beat” is the method to this track, mystifyingly simple, and yet, undeniably complex with dynamic instruments, framed in a layer of delectable EDM vibe. Fun is where it’s at, and there’s no stopping ‘Groovin’ (Yes Indeed)’. In his upcoming EP, SUPPAMAN dives into his best, mixing r&b, hiphop, pop, jazz, house, and Euro to make something more than a one night stand. The commitment will start very soon. Look for it.

IRAH – Unity of Gods

Symbolically truculent, re-enforced in a vice-like grip, IRAH yearns for your salvation in ‘Unity Of Gods’. It’s their hymns and beauty of the sonic experience that expedites what you’d been asking, for so long. Off of their upcoming debut album ‘Diamond Grid’, the silent thunder you hear in your speaker is the voice of Stine Grøn and the diplomatically significant framing of Adi Zukanović’s keyboards. And when that large and forbidding storm of grief and expectations reach your plain of truth, the dark skies show that slice of silver, in the distance, within arm’s length – to your longing heart and unseen futures. “‘Unity of Gods’ was the very first song we made after our first release…The song is about how you long to stay in touch with both your self and nature as you feel disconnected to these natural elements because of digital disturbances.” Look for their album on May 24th.


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