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Johnny Kills Shares ‘Who’s Counting?’. We’re Counting, And There Are A Lot Of Bodies.

It’s been a while since we’d revisited the trio from JOHNNY KILLS. We’re glad they’re back with the same kind of sneaky good, sneaky hard rock that they produce.

This time, their single ‘Who’s Counting’ is definitely more on the pop side of the spectrum, but comes equipped with the right kind of music construction the gang has within each of their songs.

You can say this single hits more of a wider array of listeners out there.

But we say that with the utmost trust in the band’s way of just going with the flow. It’s what they wanted to make, instead of going with what was needed to cater to a certain percentage of the public.

They are still hard with their music.

And within each note, hides the pinch of cynicism that we all want from a post-punk band that is JOHNNY KILLS.

We’d only featured them in our early Instagram account (when CHF was just a wee toddler of a site), but our opinions about the gang hasn’t changed.

That’s a good thing.




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