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JOHNNY PAYNE Shares ‘Never Stop Learning To Love’. “That Warmth Is Real. Real As Her Kiss.”

JOHNNY PAYNE is a blessing. Really he is. He and his music makes us feel warm and fuzzy. In a good way. The intrepid amalgamation of the Billy Joel and Barry Manilow style of 70’s stage-rock, mixed in solidly with the kind of Chicago-esque poignancy is truly fabulous to listen to. The feeling of ‘Never Stop Learning To Love’ stretches Johnny’s narrative even to the likes of Bread, The Carpenters, The Beatles, and even Air Supply.

That warmth is real.

And we’re glad to be here, to soak up the sun.

Adult-contemporary anyone?? Johnny raised his hand and said, “Yes. Mrs. Crawford!”

And then 5 songs later the EP will soon be dropped, on a fluffy cloud in that 70’s picturesque naiveté that we fondly remember or have learned about.

“I began writing Never Stop Learning To Love on an escalator in a mall in Spain. The mall had about ten floors and by the time I got to the top I had a verse and a chorus. All that was at the top was a restaurant so I went back down. The song is a reminder to myself to always practice tolerance and acceptance amidst chaos, the way children do. It’s about as psychedelic as I get in my writing. Not the Jimi Hendrix, Sgt Pepper version of Psychedelia, but the Brian Wilson, Disney version. I always subscribed more to that: The idea that psychedelia isn’t entirely about drugs, but rather about a return to childlike innocence through purity of mind and a reverence for the natural world. For this reason, we felt it appropriate to shoot the video on the same beach where I spent so much time as a kid, just running around with a dog. It seemed to say everything about the song.” – Johnny Payne.

‘Never Stop Learning To Love’ is a CELEBRATION, in our minds.

It’s something many can relate, even if you’d never set toes in the 70’s. It’s a Universal right of fan-tabulous melodies.

So, get your girl to wear that 70’s curl. And make sure you get that you get to know your skateboard, for you two are in for a ride with this single.

Nuff said. Listen.


Johnny recorded his upcoming solo EP with TENNIS (another one of CHF’s faves) in Denver.



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