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JohnT // Dance Yourself Clean // Exportion // Nikotene // Vessbroz

JohnT – All in my head

Marseilles, France based artist JohnT leaves nothing to the imagination in his single ‘All In My Head’. A straight through ol’ school house infection, it shines as it dices through the air in waves of black, white, purple, and neon.

Dance Yourself Clean – Your Love (feat. LOLLIES) Bit Funk Remix

Dance Yourself Clean has been North America’s premier Indie Dance party for over five years and counting. What started from humble beginnings at a small bar in Seattle, Washington has grown into a movement that has taken the party across the country and even abroad, gaining loyal fans in every city it lands in. Next to get you dancing is @ Chop Suey, October 19th in Seattle.

Exportion – Lull in the rain

Ambient work composed based on field recordings under the theme “locality and the natural environment”. Formed in 2008 by videographer painter Yuki Izumi and musicographer Takahisa Hirao. Together, they take a dual, audio-video approach through recordings and live performances that incorporate environmental sounds, instrumental music, electronica and human voice as well as various painting mediums, photography and video. Exportion’s organic, “no fluff” approach affords the collective has been able to further defy genres and be more flexible in its pursuits, adapting its live performances to cover a wide array of themes and stage venues. Different minds, coalesce to create. Different minds, coalesce to experience.

Nikotene – The Lost

After releasing their first two singles, “1982” and “Summer Ain’t the Same” in July of 2018 they have been winning over new listeners on Spotify with over 250k streams to date. Nikotene is Chris Scott based out of Nashville is no stranger to working with some of the best in the biz such as Josh Abraham (Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, Ciara, Kelly Clarkson, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, ), Ryan Williams (Paramore, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine, Deftones), Jason Flom(Coldplay, Katy Perry, Paramore, Lenny Kravitz, ), Chris Lord-Alge (Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Prince). Pleasure is all yours and ours.

Vessbroz – Walking In Grace Ft. P.I.T. (Földes Remix)

Vessbroz is brothers Armia and Arsham, both who produce and inject boppy electronic dance tunes that gets your nostalgia levels up, along with your modern sensitivities. Remix by Földes (Christoffer Földes), gets the Vessbroz up to the echelons of EDM and the danceable crests in different and fantastic ways. In 2007 Földes fell in love with the art of Djing and directly started to practice. A right combination and effort from Vessbroz and Földes. Vessbroz is the vibe that is: “A lesson in delight and learned premonitions. A walk along the path of ingenuity and selflessness. You are who you are. Never forget. You can be who you are. Whenever and however you’d like.”


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