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Jom Comyn Share ‘Change Your Mind’. “Set yourself free. With bewilderment.”

Replete with incantations of symmetry and unbridled exposition for the homeless heart, JOM COMYN’ single ‘Chage Your Mind’ is a ‘droning’ versatility of mindset and sound, that just reverberates with unfettered clarity and decadence.

Jom’s vocals set the stage and secludes any doubt about where this project will go. The slacker-esque baritone presentation, is done with purpose, where the end result is that tinge of cynicism, dipped in positivity, dutifully cast a shimmer of love.

It’s a unique project. And as his upcoming album ‘Crawl’ is due to drop, the radio-friendly, but underground legit single, delivers with pinpoint accuracy and fulfilling attitude.

Just like the ending, confused and indecisive face of regret at the end of the music video, your love for this song will be complete.

Contrast in bewilderment?

Heck yes.

And it’s glorious.

JOM COMYN is Jim Cumings. His album drops September 6th.

See JOM COMYN next in Edmonton Sept 5th at The Buckingham.



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