Jon Crouse ‘Matches and Paintbrushes’ : Fall in love with this grand start.

Jon Crouse

An eclectic mix of inspirations ranging from folk, to power pop, to 60s jangle rock and beyond mesh together to form the basis of the debut EP of up and coming artist, Jon Crouse.

Said Jon: “It’s a song about being in a relationship and not conforming to the usual conventions and cliches of a relationship. It’s the title song of my debut EP, ‘Matches and Paintbrushes’. It’s a gumbo of many influences and was a labor of love to get it the exact way I wanted to get it in the studio.”

Jon’s beautiful vocals match delectably with his chosen direction with the songs that he’d offered. A heart fits into a puzzle of lovely Americana-Country pop that just melts your sensibilities to bits.

When you hear the chorus, you fall. Fall in love with this grand start to Jon’s first collection of delicious music.

Hidden gem, indeed.


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