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Jon Martin and Lovers Shares ‘Young Hearts’. “Taste and wonder.”

Delightful effervescence with non-foreboding body of taste and wonder comes with Jon’s vocals and tone of his band. One of two debut singles by JON MARTIN AND LOVERS, ‘Young Hearts’, is a beautifully confessional take of emotions and lessons that make up our day-to-day and beyond. A full-length album is to follow in late-2019/early-2020.

Jon Martin and Lovers is a gang of pals from southern Alberta (Canada) that got together in 2019 to make a hazy blend of Alt-Country, Americana, and British pop music. Led by singer and songwriter Jon Martin, …and Lovers guides audiences across fields of enveloping melodies and through tales of fragile love. The influence of life under wide-open prairie skies—with all of its beauty, swagger, heartbreak, and twang—is heard ringing throughout every one of their songs.

The band consists of: Jon Martin, Joel Gray, Jason Oakes, Max Hopkins, and Paul Holden.

The band’s song “Young Hearts” was a finalist in the 2019 Ship and Anchor Songwriting Competition (Calgary, AB) finals (Jameson category)



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