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Jon Stancer // Joseph Dubay // Patrick Park // LØZNINGER // Mikhail Galkin

Jon Stancer – Can’t Get It By You

Singer/songwriter JON STANCER delivers quaint subject, with river flows of emotions and subtleties. ‘Can’t Get It By You’ is a promise and a heartache, touched with a skeleton key of decadence reminiscent of ol’ school 90’s pop and a tinge of George Harrison-like stance for life. The malleable lyrics thrust in anxiety, with a fervor for the anticipated and the dramatic. However, the relative enhancements of a heart, forlorn, discards to the side the loneliness and poverty that makes the protagonist shiver in wake. Can’t do anything about that Jon stipulates. There’s only one way to go about it: Profess, until the message is heard. ‘Can’t Get It By You’ wears well in any shape of your daily existence.

Joseph Dubay – 4evr

Off of his latest EP ‘Coping Mechanism’, JOSEPH DUBAY keeps his inhibitions at by and blesses the hearts’ desires with boundless efforts in magnetic subtleties and resolutions in ‘4evr’. It pounds into your head with shoegazy guitar strums, which shear off the dry husks you’ve bore from young adulthood. It reveals all, but nothing of the kind. The kind of replication and departures of sanity, only you can describe. But you don’t scream. You don’t shout. All of the feelings come out with burbles of calm into a stream of crucified liquor of dreams. Joseph’s lyrics do resemble that, don’t you think? He delves into folk, with grunge. He revives his music with the stars, as the night’s clear skies guide him. His music is his light. Should be yours too.

Patrick Park – Love Lover Love (feat. Emily Kokal)

Los Angeles based folk artist PATRICK PARK is about to drop his awaited new full-length album ‘Here/Gone’ on April 26th. “We have an idea of the things that will make us happy, if we could just get them,” stated Patrick. “But then we get them, and they’re not what we thought they would be. Or we find that they’re not enough and we want something else. Or we quickly lose them. And it’s just this thing that goes on, and on, and on.” We’d first reviewed Patrick’s single ‘Everything Falls Apart’ a bit ago and said: “Reality at its artistic, finest. Patrick’s not giving up. Never have. Never will. Realizing the fact of life, should energize, instead. He wants all of us to do the same.” It’s true. Patrick’s lyrical works have been missed by the musical Universe, as it feels comforting and exulting at the same time. His expressive but understated baritone keeps the walls of the world at a certain distance, as we scrummage through our mental Rolodex to find our path back to what matters. ‘Love Lover love’ is the 2nd single from the upcoming album, with Warpaint’s Emily Kokal adding her touch to the single.


Like a psychological thriller, the soundscape of LØZNINGER comes alive in this latest offering of ‘Perforee’. Kitted with the beautifying and mysteriously rousing vocals of KITOWSKI (Jessica Kitowski), the cinematic inducement of colors drips with tangibility as the sounds hurdle through books upon books of nostalgia of the heart. Brooklyn based LØZNINGER (Benjamin Løzninger) is a French singer/songwriter/producer who dissects with careful reliance and arm’s length treachery towards the conventional. The duo has released their debut abum together in 2017 named ‘Crashing Clouds’. The special relationship bears fruit with delectable tastes and memorable exclamation marks. They’ve never met each other in person, as of yet. Word.

Mikhail Galkin – A Loaded Mind

Mikhail Galkin is a songwriter from Toronto. He makes sultry bossa influenced music that revels in delight, once it hits your ears. The dreamscape of collages, flicker through in your mind and you just can’t stop as the hooky vocals and transitions overlap with passion throughout this melancholic endeavor named ‘A Loaded Mind’. It is a single off of his debut EP ‘Fanta’, and it keeps the theme going with rather trippy psyche oriented framing, but with modern melodies that hinges upon the antithetical. The song is of “gentrification of neighborhoods’ witness by the artist in his hometown of Toronto. The single sits upon middle-eastern musical tangents and overall guiltless vibes of the 70’s.


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