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Jon Wiilde // Moontwin // Artemis Aether // Kilnsey Green // Xoller

Jon Wiilde – Arms

JON WIILDE courses through your veins and showcases incredulity in our day-to-day memes. His work of transitions from love to confusion, from hate to illusion, the psyche splashed outcrops of emotions dangle with care in ‘Arms’. The Sacramento California based singer/songwriter dives head first into his lyrics as he explores the canyons in personal challenges and momentous thrifts of triumphs. And he wants us all to join him in this exercise. The shoegazy, dream-pop single of ‘Arms’ has a foot in the modern era with the 70’s inhibitions, all salient and truthful. That’s what Jon does. ‘Arms’ is Jon’s official debut single off of the upcoming EP ‘Listen To This Record Alone’. More great stuff to come.

Moontwin – Brakes

Maple Bee and Zac Kuzmanov comes back with another bop of a single ‘Brakes’. A more traditional mark up on this single, the band that is formed through the virtual world of the Internet. And they make music from different countries and they continue to kick it up with a hint of psyche-pop that is charming to the senses. MOONTWIN collaborate through their videophone and make history – their kind of history – with each new single. Nothing different this time. They haven’t met yet, but the chemistry in making music, is evident to the touch. Watch out. Don’t get cut.

Artemis Aether – Don’t Forgive Me

The iconic gamer-like indie-electro track is all becoming. ARTEMIS AETHER’s single ‘Don’t Forgive Me’ presents itself as the arbiter of truth and confiction. And even though the uplifting and positive notes, the contrast of the dark is in the shadows of the lyrics and in the underlying tone of the single. It’s what we dread in a relationship. It’s about what is most tragic in a relationship. It’s what we don’t want to happen. The frenetic keys is a dance inducing pre-requisite, even though you feel guilty feeling alive. Manic, as life. Fast paced, as you. ‘Don’t Forgive Me’ is off of AA’s EP ‘Redeemer’. The Melbourne based artist has a lot to say, with an array of visions of how to do so.

Kilnsey Green – Rainfall

Easy breezy contention is drizzled within each note of ‘Rainfall’. KILNSEY GREEN’s blues based indie-folk pop/rock aggression is anchored by the beautifully crafted emotions of the lyrics. And like the lyrical intensity of Kings Of Leon, the Bradford, England based band kicks off their campaign of personal communication through song, with graze and magnitude. The band had formed in 2017, and come to a point sharing all that they can through the debut self-titled EP (available now). Band consists of Oliver James, Ell Miller, George Burrows, and Joe Doherty, and the gang brings the glitter to a whole new point of engagement, as the scurrying aptitudes of life comes to rest at the heels of their sultry and thoughtful song.

Xoller – Warning Shot

Threaded in nostalgia, this alt-pop goodness is presented to you by the lovely XOLLER. The former PROM artist, takes subjects of gratitude and substance to new heights of eclectic dissemination. ‘Warning Shot’ is an ‘ode to addiction’. Addiction to many; addition to the small. All additions, most significant and beautifully important to your personal ideal of being a person in this world of worlds. Snap out of if. Live with a better clarity to the goodness of it all. Don’t get consumed to destruction. Let the doors open, just a little more. Get yourself together. The moments of glory, is always predicated on a past destruction. We can do this. You can. ‘Warning Shot’ is part of her upcoming debut EP ‘Diamond In My Head”.


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