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Jonas Brøg Shares ‘All Across The Sky’. “Surf-pop dabbling in the personal essence. Looking forward.”

Ruling out the negatives in your life is a demanding task. It takes energy, persistence, consistency, and most of all, a higher order of honor at your behest. It’s a struggle at times and it shows on your face, inadvertently at best, significantly at worst. But you trek on, as you know you’re doing the best thing that you can to manage for the better things – those things that make you happier, fitter, brighter, and more ambitious.

Amsterdam, Netherlands based artist Jonas Brøg goes through the aspect of life that we all go through. It’s the demand, unto himself which drives his creative and practical sides.

In his own words: “I’m a writer, I have to write, I need to share my stories. Everything I sing about is stuff i’m going through. I also drum, because it’s the only way I know how to move to music, I can’t dance, so i drum. I’m the slowest producer I know of, I throw most tracks away, and I tweak my songs endlessly, most of them for years, not because I enjoy it, it just takes me forever before I feel it sounds ready for a stranger’s ear. I need to get out of my head more – in all honesty, it’s been a while since I felt some butterflies in my stomach about anything. I’ve had quite some life challenges the last 2 years: insomnia, completely burned out, dark days of depression, the whole shebang, but now I feel sparks doing this. So back in the studio I am, sweating, bleeding fingers, breaking cymbals, drumheads, and plenty of drumsticks: all I want right now is to feel better and perhaps on my journey, I can make someone else feel better too.”

The traditional surf-pop vibe of ‘All Across The Sky’ drives up the canopy of certain California pop icons of the past. The unbreakable subsistence of love and loyalty is the means to that ultimate foundation. And in this fabulously majestic single combines modern pop and that desirable tinge of orchestral colors, which we can immediately recognize, accept, absorb, and caress.

This radio ready single has been garnering accolades in Scandinavia. And it deserves everyone.

For love isn’t static.

And being devoid of love, also takes effort.

‘All Across The Sky’ to our eyes, exercises caution to absolutions and wants our inherently lonely and needy hearts to come together at the cross roads of commonality.

And maybe, there we’ll really find that love and positivity we’d been searching for.



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