Jonathan Personne ‘Springsteen’ : Off of sophomore album, ‘Disparitions’. Drops August 28th.

Jonathan Personne

Jonathan Personne is the solo project by Jonathan Robert, member of Montreal band Corridor. And the project presents first single ‘Springsteen’ and announces the release of his sophomore album, ‘Disparitions’ which will drop on August 28th.

The Montreal songwriter remains faithful to his intimate and sensitive writing, inspired by a moment when music became a source of disgust for him: “I spent a lot of time touring away from home. Towards the end, I felt like I was reluctantly going to do something that I had long wished for..”

Jonathan Personne mix and match the best of different eras: the 12 string acoustic guitar combined with the nostalgic voice overlays from the 60s, a glimpse at the 70s classic rock with the electric solos, also recalled by the title of the song and just a touch of glam-rock in the beat.

‘Springsteen’ is a striking first single, announcing a substantial sophomore album nourished by the observations and feelings surrounding the world and its end.


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