Jonathan Wyndham ‘Nightstand’ : A relatable ambience, danceable by the pale moon light.

Jonathan Wyndham

“I wrote this song with my longtime friend and keyboard player Jeff Adamczyk, a great artist in his own right. We’d just finished writing a song and he was just casually playing piano as I walked around his apartment. I saw his TV was on and “Friends” was playing with the volume off. It was the moment where Ross’ wife left him. I was instantly swept up in empathy for the emotions he must’ve been feeling. I started singing & luckily we still had voice memo rolling.”

Jonathan Wyndham has been an active touring guitarist for artists based out of Nashville since 2010. “I moved to town to write songs,” he grins, “but then, I realized I could make a living playing guitar for other people. I could tour, and write.”

With calming shine and gusting heroism, Jonathan’s veritable love for music is instantly recognizable. And in ‘Nightstand’, thrusted by the fabulous chorus and Jonathan’s empathetic charms of his vocals, the single radiates to full existence.

A relatable ambience, danceable by the pale moon light – Jonathan quests further, for our senses.


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