Jonny Herman ‘A Better Line (Reimagined)’ : Timely vibe of love, loss, acceptance, and procurement

Jonny Herman

From his 2018 two track EP ‘A Better line’, the title track for 2020 has been reimagined for a newer and forward looking artist that is, Jonny Herman. The Norwich UK based artist and multi-instrumentalist, conducts his life as best as we all try to do. And in moment to moment, he wants to contribute to the betterment of life. And with his music, that is more than true and significant.

Soulful, nostalgic, the dream-pop conservations and wisps drizzle down from above as gentle spring time showers. Welcomed and infectious, the charming folk infused ballad, delivers in that timely vibe of love, loss, acceptance, and procurement for the future.

Jonny’s brings honesty enveloped in all that is genuine and open.


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