JOPLYN ‘TV TOWER’ : Internal and personal, and to the external and the sometimes unforgiving.

Enchantingly singing for our heart’s desires.

Joplyn / Photo: Julia Klotz

Berlin’s Joplyn, caters to the unique and of the masses with ‘TV Tower’. A song of emotional battles, of internal and personal, and to the external and the sometimes unforgiving.

“The people, and the way they interact with one another. The lack of happiness, satisfaction, and agreement between them,” said Joplyn. “The song is also about the beauty and timelessness of a shared moment of complete seclusion and isolation with someone else. Metaphorically, being in the ‘TV Tower’ means not being part of what happens beneath it anymore, and separating yourself completely from earth. It forms a world of its own, pristine and untainted.”

Sometimes one sudden element in a song sweeps you away. And in this case from Joplyn’s single ‘TV Tower’, that classical piano riff and associated progression, delights and imminently collide with your reality.

A dash of somber keys, on top of the sentimental loop, cascaded by the dull pangs of electronic percussion, frames the cosmic vibes of the subject and of Joplyn’s thoughtful lyrical works.

The jaunting glitter of the atmosphere created by Joplyn within this single is a beautifully created world, that is of our nature and of our cultural demands. Infectiously, Joplyn delivers with affectionate perseverance for the wickedly observed, while enchantingly singing for our heart’s desires.



Joplyn / Photo: Alexander Freund


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