Jordan Lewis ‘Morning Pills’ : Powerful anthem is ironic and optimistically nihilistic.

Jordan Lewis

Brooding. Expert. Crisp. Un-conventional. The slice of life that is ‘Morning Pills’ dictate your senses and throws it off of the George Washington Bridge. In a soup of storm – emotionally tattered – Jordan Lewis’ powerful anthem is ironic and optimistically nihilistic.

Added Jordan: “Morning Pills is a song I wrote when I was feeling ambivalent about being on antidepressants for so long and wondering what life would be like without them.” ‘Morning Pills’ is a very personal track about antidepressants, there will be a music video coming soon which really matches the feel of the song.

The Long Island NY bred (now Los Angeles) artist spent the early part of his career more behind the scenes, engineering Travis Scott’s first two albums, while also contributing on guitar. He also helped engineer songs by Beyonce and Drake among others Jordan always knew he had his own story and sound to share and his debut project is on the way.

Moving to LA in 2013 his career took a sharp turn as he began engineering for producer Tricky Stewart (Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Rihanna). Soon after, he was introduced to Travis Scott. He would go on to record Scott’s first two albums, Rodeo and Birds In The Trap where he would also contribute guitars.

With an early grit that is in the best traditions of bands like early Sleigh Bells and Crystal Castle, the vibrance in darkness comes alive with Jordan’s heart and mind pumping with all cylinders grinding.

An experience, that consumes.

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“Big smiles I am faking”

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