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Jordan Lovelis Shares Family History and Single ‘Hey Dianne’. “Break Up? No. Eternal Love.”

JORDAN LOVELIS is a singer/songwriter living and working in L.A.

“I feel very fortunate to grow up in a musical household. My father loved teaching me and was always there to listen to my terrible music arrangements as a teenager.”

“I spent 4-5 years on the road touring for skateboarding. There was a lot of down time so I’d always bring a guitar with me. I took advantage of that and wrote around 100 songs. Granted most of them were shit, but there’s enough for a record.”

“Originally the lyric was “Hey Darling” and my friend / tour mate Matt Costa thought I was saying Hey Diane…then it sort of just stuck and I built the song around that sentiment. It’s a very personal break up song but I’ve never even met a Diane. Haha! It’s a ridiculous name but at the same time it made it feel timeless in a way.

In this particular endeavor, he’d recruited his parents to donate to his musical cause. The video is the raw history of his parent’s wedding and reception.

And to us, Jordan’s love for his parents and juxtaposing it with a ‘break-up’ song, is a loving gesture. No irony, no making-fun, just a thought in Jordan’s mind of how fond he is of his upbringing and its unique history.

We think that’s swell, for sure.

Keep on keepin’ on.



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