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JORDAN MAX Maps The Inner World Through Single ‘Me, Mary and My Guitar’.

JORDAN MAX is surely an artist on the rise, and in ‘Me, Mary And My Guitar’, he makes that claim a bit more compelling as the single drives his unique vocals up a notch corresponding through the forest fire of daggers via the slicing lyrics.

You can’t get rid of it. You just can’t get this anthemic indie detonation out of your head.

The British born and raised Jordan mixes alt, r&b, and hiphop decadences to mold and unfold for us his tasty arrangements. His debut EP ‘Only One Is King’ saw him hailed him as one of the more exciting new talents to come out in the UK music scene. And as you can predict, subsequently, because of the accolades he landed a publishing deal with Danger Mouse.

His soulful music keeps on beating strong with ‘Me, Mary And My Guitar’.

Even though he is proud to design his music out of a total DIY angle and point of view, we see the more important part of that equation: craftsmanship. At any style of construction, there is always a way of distinguishing from the rest with the quality of ‘craftsmanship’. DIY or not.

So far, Jordan’s got that all squared away.

Hence our fawning over his music, perhaps?

Anywho, let’s enjoy this little pop offering, and give it a shoutout. It deserves it.




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