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Jordan Sommerlad Shares ‘Hiding in the Walls’. “Ships Passing. Paused. Crumble.”

Never was the purpose for the animalistic retrospective we held so dear within our breasts. The righteous rancors of deeds not yet unashamed, stacked pile high on that lazy afternoon.

She screamed in fear, and never wanted anything else to do with him.

He screamed in shock, and wanted to hear from her mouth why it was over.

“It’s over!!” she shrieked.

“Why!? Tell me why?!”

“It just IS! I don’t want to see you any more!”

He knew why. But was ashamed to admit to himself that he knew. Also, the guilt of being caught was unbearable.

The killing-time is over, as the gap of space past the two passing ships in the night. They were JUST simply two ships who paused, then embraced the illusion of a long term commitment – all to crumble as it’s never had started in the first place.

“Get out of my life!!”

He did.

‘Hiding In The Walls’ is Jordan Sommerlad’s first single off of his upcoming album ‘Your Favorite Palindrome’.


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