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Jordan Ziskin Shares ‘Mexico’. Move And Go Forward.

Walking away, at sundown, to the paradise of the place in your mind. Hand in hand, running away from the challenges, the problems, the good, the bad, the middle-gray. It’s the life action that we all think of here and again.

It’s that ‘greener’ space on the other side of the fence.

Every human being, no matter what kind of economic level has dealt with this kind of mental exercise.

We smile, after thinking about the Million Dollar house you’d buy. We smile, thinking about the life of luxury to come. We smile, how we’d help the needy.

That’s in the future and just can’t be done.

Can it?

Well, why set it off to the side until when you’re a ‘millionaire’??

Actions are done, when you deem it ‘ready’ to be tackled. Nothing gets done, when ‘zero action’ is taken.

If it seems it’s greener on the other side, let’s make a plan to get a glimpse of it, right now. It’s a good time to do so, as ever.

‘Mexico’ is Jordan Ziskin’s idea of that ‘greener space’ on the other side of the fence. And he realizes that nothing will be perfect, but the first step to fulfillment, is to ‘move’ and ‘go forward’ – to take action, to take that small leap.



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