Jordana ‘Signs’ : She’ll make you ‘meh’ your life, but enjoy it at the same time as well.


Wichita, Kansas based artist has shared the bedroom-pop ode to weird dates dictated by astrological inconsistencies, ‘Signs’, alongside the throwback video that opens with the driving bass line that runs throughout the track and Jordana herself in a parking lot hitting the woah.

Said Jordana: “Some people are really big on astrology, and like to associate a person with their sign and sometimes judge a person before they meet them based on their sign, this is basically what this song is about. I hung out with a person like that once and it was really awkward and in the song, it definitely insinuates that we weren’t vibin’ with each other.”

Difficult times, mean bringing out the big guns. And when those guns don’t mix well with the cocktails, it’s time that you scoot.

But don’t run from the work of Jordana, for she’ll make you ‘meh’ your life, but enjoy it at the same time as well.

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