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Jordin Shares ‘Selfish’. “Frothy And Airy Feel…We Dig.”

JORDIN’s ‘Selfish’ is an experiment of what he’s trying to accomplish through his music. The subject of the song is of self-induced guilt. The guilt however is built into some luck, for you are who you are and born where you’re born, by shear luck. It’s a noble act of valor, however. It’s something that should be noted.

Now, we don’t feature songs with autotune on this site. Not an aesthetic statement, at all. Like in any kind of genre, if there’s (in our eyes) an interesting way of using the application, our minds can be adjusted.

And in ‘Selfish’, we think it’s just a dab of autotune, in the effect of enhancing the song, and not just drowning in it. The single shows a frothy and airy feel to construction of a song, and we dig that.

It’s just us. We’re weird like that.

“My debut song is called ‘selfish’ and its about being mad at yourself for being depressed over first world problems when the third world still exists. A general theme in my music is about how I can both feel depressed and ashamed that I’m depressed at the same time since in the grand scheme I have it pretty good. I think its a feeling a lot of people can relate to.”

Keep on keepin’ on as one philosopher said!

Looking forward to more from Jordin.


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